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New I Eat Songs Podcast: The Music Publishing Edition

In my latest podcast, rather than discuss the craft of songwriting, I turn the spotlight on the business side. To most people, how songwriters make a living is a mystery. Our earning power is rooted in the monetization of copyright, an industry known as music publishing. Just the world of recorded music has been revolutionized over the past 15 years, so has the world of publishing. I sat down with 2 great music business minds – Eric Beall of Shapiro Bernstein Publishing and freelance writer, musician and songwriting teacher Mike Errico – to discuss the dilemmas (and new found freedoms) songwriters face in the digital age. In our conversation we cover the growing anxiety over Spotify, Apple Music, and other on-demand streaming services, address the possible obsolescence of the modern song form (why are we still writing 3 minute songs for the radio?), and question the nature of copyright and... Continue Reading

Writing Lyrics is Fucking Hard

A musician friend of mine recently asked me to hang out and write a song. I told him that was a terrible idea. I felt pretty awful rebuking his enthusiasm, but I didn’t know how else to say it. It wasn’t that I don’t think he’s any good. In fact he’s supremely talented and I’m confident making music with him would lead to a unique and inspired composition. It was the first part of his statement that irked me. In my opinion, if you’re doing it right, writing a song has absolutely nothing in common with hanging out. Don’t take my word for it. Take Leonard Cohen’s: Well, freedom and restriction are just luxurious terms to one who is locked in a dungeon in the tower of song. There are just… ideas. I don’t have the sense of restriction of freedom. I just have the sense of work. I have... Continue Reading

My King Kong of Song Tour This Fall

If you haven’t heard, I’m hitting the road this fall for a slew of headlining shows, as well as opening for Blue Eyed Soul legend Paul Carrack. Starting September 18 I’ll be performing throughout the Northeast and Southeast U.S., The Netherlands, England and Scotland. You can get info and tickets for all my shows through my Facebook Event Feed. Check out this amazing poster art by Joe Karg for the tour. I am indeed the King Kong of Song. If only my arms were that long. I’d probably be a much better piano player. Continue Reading